Healthcare systems globally have experienced intensive changes, reforms, developments and improvement over the years. The rapid emergence of technology in the life sciences and medical space, have helped to create innovative and reliable products that help people to live in healthier lives.


Electronics equipment is getting smaller in size all the time but at the same time they are gaining complexity.
There is a requirement to use test and measurement instruments for testing in order to eliminate defects and prevent equipment failure in a timely manner. Test and measurements instrument are used across a wide variety of fields such as manufacturing, electronics, and research labs.


Agriculture is the basic source of the food supplies of all the countries of the world. There are many reasons that have caused a shrinking agricultural land base throughout the globe but have also given rise to modern-day integrated farm management approach. These reasons have caused agricultural machinery manufacturers to face a rise in product demand.


Industrial control systems (ICS) are used to control many forms of industrial operation. Apart from being used in the main areas of infrastructure, they are also used in public transportation, airport and smart buildings. In fact, their influence reaches into every aspect of daily life such as being responsible for the managing of air conditioning in an office, controlling robots at a factory or handling lighting at the theatre.


Marine displays are designed for the harsh marine environments. These flat panel display monitors are sustainable in extreme weather, light and temperature conditions and are frequently used in a wide variety of commercial vessels, including cruise ships, private yachts, and shipping vessels.


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Supply Chain Management

We take a customer's design and procure all lower level materials, working directly with the next-tier suppliers whether they have been specifically identified by our customers or using those suppliers which we have approved. This includes such technologies as sheet metal, plastic injection molding, printed circuit boards, printed circuit assemblies, die casting, plating as well as cable and connector manufacturing.

As a part of our turnkey solutions we incorporate EDI for both forecasting and automatic ordering from our customers and full MRP for our planning of next-level components and parts.

Conquest Electronics provides complete materials management services in support of the product level that the customer receives. These include full inspection upon receipt of materials, complete "lot" tracking of material throughout the manufacturing process, and floor processing control as products flow through work-in-process.

We perform both in-process and final assembly testing and inspection, as well as specialized and customized testing specific to each customer's requirements. Additionally, Conquest Electronics provides customized packaging and shipping protection as a part of our standard services.

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